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Respectable Parents, We are giving skilled, friendly & profoundly serious home tutors to the students. Our tutors are from the most reputed ENGLISH MEDIUM schools in Dhaka city example.•Scholastica • Manarat • CGS• BIT•Hurdco•Sunbeams•DPS•Sunnydale• •MapleLeaf etc along with other schools. We have more than 35000 teachers — some of them are School teachers, some coaching teachers , and some of them are students of both public and private universities like ????DMC, ????IBA, ????DU, ????NSU, ????BRAC, ????AIUB. ✅Female Tutors: Along with male tutors, we have thousand of Female tutors, from both English medium and Bangla medium background, who are very serious and dedicated to their jobs. ✅Area of Teaching: 1.English Medium ( Both CIE & Edexcel for GCE, IGCSE, GCSE all syllabuses ) ????Note: For O & A Level examinee ( MOCK Tests & Past Question Papers solve are offered by our special tutors) 2.International Baccalaureate ( Both AISD & ISD ). 3.বাংলা মিডিয়াম : নার্সারি থেকে দ্বাদশ শ্রেনী পর্যন্ত । পি এস সি, জি এস সি, এস এস সি এবং এইচ এস সি পরীক্ষার্থীদের অত্যন্ত যত্ন সহকারে পড়াচ্ছে আমাদের শিক্ষকরা । 5.University Admission Preparation ( Both public & Private universities)  BUET Admission  Medical Admission #Salary is negotiable.Depends on Class and area.


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