Children attractive Motorbike Remot control


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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

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Short Description:
1!1-5 years Children.
২.Remote Control
3.Imported from foreign country,quality product
4. Rechargeable(charge by current or solar charge)
5. Easy to ride.
6.Existing start Power button
7. Existing Excelaretor,sound system,horn,lightning system.
8. Existing front gear,back gear,parking
9. Existing gear changing switch,horn button,music button and foot Excelaretor.
High powerful battery,if necessary easy to change.

EXIM Technologies Ltd.
Sky View Tower, 65/3 Wasa Road
Basabo, Dhaka-1214


  • কন্ডিশন : নতুন
  • জেনুইন : আসল
  • পণ্যের ধরন: Others
  • লিঙ্গ (বিকল্প ): Unisex

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