Rechargeable Children's Private Car


Product Details:

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Home delivery available anywhere in Bangladesh 
2.1 to 10 years children appropriate 
3.12 volt battery 
4.Wheel  lighting 
5.front gear and back gear 
6.imported from abroad country 
7.quality sound system 
8.LED headlight system 
9.good load capacity 
10.Remote Control 
11. 4 Motors
12.Swing system
if you're interested our product please call us and order us We will reached your home. 
Office :
6/3 skyview Tower(Kadamtala supero market)
basabo, Dhaka, 1214


  • কন্ডিশন : নতুন
  • পণ্যের ধরন: অন্যান্য
  • লিঙ্গ (বিকল্প ): পরুষ-নারী

Item Details: